An Online Course on the Fundamentals
of Addiction and Counselling
Promises MindWealth 360
is an approved Training Provider of the Asia Pacific Certification Board
This course is presented by Promises MindWealth 360 in association with the Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB).
This course will cover the fundamentals of addiction treatment and counselling.
The 10 modules reflect core knowledge, skills and attitudes required by counsellors to help clients struggling with addictions and to pass international certification exams.
Window on Addictions is designed to equip participants with basic knowledge and skills to provide help to those with Substance Use and Addictive Disorders.
The course will be useful for all those in healthcare professions like counsellors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and therapists and untrained people involved in this field.
Participants may choose to sign up for any module or all 10 modules. Those who successfully complete the 10 modules will be awarded a certificate of completion plus 40 training hours credit.
This course allows participants to meet some of the criteria for the APCB certification.
Course Director:
Overview of Addictions and Psychopharmacology
of Drugs
Module 1 synopisis
The classification of common drugs of abuse and their effects are discussed, including signs and symptoms of abuse, detoxification and recovery.
Module 2 synopisis
A discussion of the different models of addiction, including the moral, medical, disease, social learning, and psychological
Models of Addiction
Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Module 3 synopisis
This module discusses the effects of alcohol on
the body, its long-term abuse and consequences, detoxification and recovery.
Module 4 synopisis
Topics includes techniques in de-escalating a crisis situation, assessing
the potential for violence and self-harm, relapse dynamics, and the use of 12 Step and RSG Programmes.
Counselling I
Individual Treatment and Group Work
Counselling II
Family Counselling and Co-Dependecy
Module 5 synopisis
This module provides an introduction to effective communication and  counselling skills, individual and group counselling, group dynamics and growth.
Module 6 synopisis
Participants will learn how to interview new
clients and their families, and facilitate their
entry into treatment.
Screening, Intake & Orientation
Assessment & Treatment Planning
Module 7 synopisis
A discussion in developing a complete picture of a client’s substance abuse, and its relationship to important areas in the clients's life. This is vital to the development of a realistic recovery plan.
Module 8 synopisis
This module introduces participants to ethical decision-making and the code of ethics in the field of addiction counselling.
Topics covered include  privacy, confidentiality and  code of ethics of addictions counselling in Singapore.
Professional Responsibilities & Ethics
Case Management, Records Keeping and Referrals
Module 9 synopisis
A discussion of Case Management in a team
environment, including  documentation of the client’s progress, and referral to appropriate  professionals.
Module 10 synopisis
This module focuses on family intervention and working with co-dependents.
Counselling III
Crisis Intervention, Relapse Dynamics
If you enrol for individual Modules:
Cost per module: US$ 80
if you enrol for the complete course of 10 Modules:
Cost for 10 modules: US$ 600
Those who successfully complete the 10 modules will be awarded
a certificate of completion plus 40 credit hours in addiction training.
These credit hours will go towards APCB's required criteria for certification.
Enrolment for the course will be opened soon
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