The Art of  Giving
Give a blessing to the children of Little Bells 
This art print fundraiser was made possible through a collaboration between Little Bells and four Singaporean artists. Each donation comes with a print that's available in 2 sizes. 
Prints are limited to a run of 10, so check out the website before they run out!
Contributions of any size will help make a big difference!
All profits from the art fundraiser will go to the children of Little Bells Promiseland Nepal, allowing them  to have the childhoods that they deserve, with a good education, healthy nutrition and loving care.
Please donate and share today!
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 Soong Ching Yee 
"I started seriously dabbling in watercolor art only in 2019 after taking lessons from My Artspace. It has been a wonderful journey of making friends and discovering the beauty of little things. Right now my teachers are all urban sketchers from Singapore and Malaysia. We gather together to do sketches all over Singapore during weekends. I am hoping for the opening of borders so i will take my sketchers beyond our borders.
Art is for the humble and simplest soul.."
 Michael Leong 

"My photography journey started more than 30 years ago and photography has been my creative outlet ever since. My subjects are quite diverse, ranging from landscape; macros; wildlife; to abstract. I have been spending more time on wildlife photography in the past few years. Observing and photographing nature gives me great pleasure and the ability to enjoy Earth’s natural beauty."

 Sumei Chew 
Besides being a visual artist, Sumei is also a lover of nature and a garden designer. She is a keen observer of all around her seeing beyond the surface into the intricacies, elemental inter-relations and essence of her subject/s. Her bold colored artworks embody a certain vibrancy and energy reflective of her inner reflections and contemplations. 
 Raymond Chong 
"Photographs are my diary; they are my commentary.
They are stories that I want to share with you.
They are memories that I want to save for myself.
I am a travel and landscape photographer. I see wonder in the world, from breathtaking grand vistas to life’s quiet, private moments. Through my images, I hope you find something that speaks to you also."
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About Little Bells Promiseland, Nepal
Located in the Annapurna Conservation Area mountain range, Little Bells Promiseland Childrens Home, Nepal currently houses 23 children that come from backgrounds where they are unable to be properly cared for by family members, leaving them without proper education, a stable home and vulnerable to child trafficking. Our goal, besides uncompromising care of the children, is to have the home be sustainable and thus be unaffected by fluctuations in donations and also pass on the idea of sustainability to the children and community. 
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